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As a builder, you implement planned builds and projects, and use your creativity and ideas to create quality creations.

✔ Professional work 
✔ Skills in one or more themes

Commandblock technician

As a commandblock technician you work on simple and complex systems eg. for minigames, adventure maps but also for internal purposes.

✔ General skills
✔ Scoreboard skills


As a renderartist you have to render maps or models with the help of a 3D program to perfectly present the content. You work with our own projects as well as for customers.

✔ Skills with Blender or 
✔ Skills with Cinema 4D


As a developer, you take care of the implementation of required behavior packs and scripts to edit items, blocks and much more.

✔ Skills with block editing
✔ Skills with item editing
✔ Skills with behavior editing
✔ Skills with scripts

Project Manager

As a project manager, you lead a project assigned to you. You take care of the structuring and adherence to the planned working methods and are responsible for the project staff.

✔ Working with MeisterTask 
✔ Skills with organizing 

Community Coordinator

As a community coordinator, you are responsible for interacting with players, sharing content, and helping users of our content. You also moderate comments and chats.

✔ Skills with Discord 
✔ Skills with Tweetdeck


As a moderator, you are responsible for overseeing platforms like Discord to fix potential issues such as troublemakers. You also need to be able to help players if they have questions.

✔ Skills with Discord 
✔ Skills with Tidio


As a designer you create professional graphics for social media, websites and more. It is also possible to create skins and texture packages if the corresponding know-how is available.

✔ Skills with Inkscape or 
✔ Skills with Photoshop or
✔ Skills with Gimp

Please note that we require a minimum age of 16 years. Also, you should be able to communicate well in English via text messaging. If these conditions do not apply to you, we can not accept your application.


Are you already in a Minecraft team or are you leading one? A partnership can benefit both sides. What advantages there are, you can see below.

Content Creation

Collaboration makes it possible to implement larger and more qualitative projects faster. In addition, assets such as individual buildings can be used across projects. We work structured and professional on joint projects and pass on orders to suitable partners.


All partners can work together to build a network in which projects can be promoted. The more partners join the network, the greater the reach on social media etc. We provide partners with our analysis data and techniques to facilitate reach optimization.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions about a membership or partnership, feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to help.

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