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How did the Blockmatic Studios come about?

Originally created the Blockmatic Studios from the 2017 founded Avotox Network. Our focus was to initiate partnerships between server owners of the Xbox One Edition. We did that by the end of 2018 when we decided to focus more on creating content for the Bedrock Engine. New concept, new name, the Blockmatic Studios have emerged. Today we are a international team of 8 permanent members and a network of unique content creators and teams on the way to an official Minecraft partnership.

our team.

These are the team members who
work for Blockmatic Studios.


CB technician
Team Manager
Community Coordinator


Team Manager

II Cherno II

Project Manager


Project Manager

S Marios

Project Manager

Mineplexia HD

Marketing Manager
Content Manager



Izzmir Egal


Coming soon

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our partners.

We work together with these teams and content creators, to create quality content or to achieve other goals.

Build League

The Build League is a big building competition where talented builders of the Minecraft Bedrock Engine compete against each other and try to outdo the opposing teams with their creations.

MCBC Germany

The Minecraft Bedrock Community DE is an Xbox Live Club where all German Minecraft players are invited to post their screenshots, find fellow players or be inspired.

Maybe you?

We are always looking for new partnerships. If you run a team, an event or similar, feel free to contact us so we can talk about a possible collaboration. Further information can be found here.

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